Stratagem Newsletter May 2015 – May 2015

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Welcome to our May 2015 newsletter.
This is where we discuss what we are seeing going on in the recruitment market, common trends and concerns we are hearing from our candidates and clients.
We have also included gossip about various firms, active hiring areas and salary trends.
We're also keen to tell you about our new website and social media presence which will hopefully enable our candidates to better keep up to date with our latest job offerings.
Hopefully jobseekers and job hirers alike will find the below information useful. As usual, please feel free to forward this around to your friends!

Quick gossip from the market:

  • 1) Hong Kong securities firm building up senior management team by hiring from international firms

  • 2) US bank expanding their Japan Operations headcount

  • 3) Global bank increasing their securities services capability in the region

  • 4) Asset services company to offshore their corporate actions operations to Dublin

  • 5) Local bank undergoing Murex capability expansion in Singapore to compete with international and regional banks

  • 6) Major oil firms shutting down operations and finance teams in Singapore

  • 7) Major name corportate bank entering 2nd stage of major project to split their wealth management from global markets

  • 8) Global commodity firm moving their operations from Singapore back to Australia

  • 9) Global Investment Bank looking to outsource their operations to Sunguard

The Salary Survey: To be believed?

  • The salary survey seems to be the staple of recruitment newsletters. Love them or hate them, most people can’t quite resist a peek to see where they stand.
    It’s all good fun, but before you cry foul that you’re being underpaid, it’s worth asking yourself what is the purpose of the salary survey for those who wrote it.
    Many job seekers will come to us saying that they are underpaid and quote salary surveys which they found on the internet. This is may well be true according to the survey. But most salary surveys are just a thumb in the air sentiment by the recruiters who compile them rather than a scientific statistical survey. Salary surveys make great talking points and are therefore great marketing tools for those companies who distribute them. There’s not much point in putting together a salary survey that keeps candidates happy in their current job. But something which causes your readership to post across its CV? That’s a great piece of marketing.
    Of course that’s not always the case. There is a big difference between the salary survey put together by a recruitment company and the professional subscription based HR surveys such as the McLagan survey.
    But take it all with a healthy pinch of salt... unless you can really trust your data, then don’t shoot your boss quite yet!

New Stratagem Website:

Thanks to everyone who has commented so positively about our new website
The site now has a live interactive jobs board, so any jobs that come in to us are displayed there in real time. We will also be posting our new jobs and various information to our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts - so if you like the content you see here - or you want to be kept up to date on the latest jobs in the finance and commodities world, then be sure to follow us on your favourite platform.

2015 salary increments remain low:

There has been no major change in the candidate supply/ demand balance, and typically candidates are still moving at around the 10% salary increment range.
The most common motivation for moving company we are seeing is candidates who are being laid off or who want to find a more stable environment as many investment banks continue to offshore various functions and smaller financial services firms or corporate banks now tend to offer very stable careers, albeit without quite the same buying power.