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Job Title: Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Company: Multinational Security Tech Firm

Corporate Title: Flexible Salary Range: Generous Package
Location: Singapore Date Open: Sep 2020

Responsibilities / Duties:


  • Supplement Company’s cybersecurity incident response capability in Singapore, and if appropriate across the company’s business footprint.
  • Assist in cybersecurity incident response investigations.
  • Stay current with the latest cybersecurity threat landscape and how developments in threat actors could bring harm to policyholders.
  • For clients/policyholders, actively recommend and execute cybersecurity hygiene and other actions to evade, build immunity and preempt cyber attacks.
  • Identify and validate breached and compromised systems and take action to stop attacks from spreading across the client infrastructures.
  • Conduct forensic investigations to identify and document data, resources, processes, and people compromised via cybersecurity incidents and recommend actions to repair, restore, cleanse, or compensate affected assets, persons, or organizations.


  • Assist in producing (i) a regular cybersecurity threat and incident review; (ii) a periodic threat intelligence digest, that can be understood by non-technical persons and/or legal and compliance managers with minimal editing and up-leveling.
  • Assist clients in preparing contingency plans and checklists designed to expedite diagnosis and effective response to cybersecurity incidents and compromises.
  • Evaluate, advise and make recommendations for acquisition of IT and cybersecurity products and services.
  • Reasonably maintain 24x7 personal availability to respond to cybersecurity incidents and emergencies. 

Requirements / Qualifications:


  • Expert knowledge of tools and techniques used to conduct of disk forensics, network forensics, log analysis and malware triage in support of incident response examinations.
  • Recognize the tactics, technique and procedures (TTP) of threat actors and able to develop scripts and create tools for quick identification of threat agents in a compromised network.
  • Ability to quickly develop intimate knowledge of physical computing assets, software, and third party (i.e. “IaaS, PaaS and SaaS”) services deployed and consumed at client premises and their potential points of compromise and failure.
  • Front line experience working with teams and programs in organizations of scale and business 
  • Ablility to help with scoping prospective engagements, leading a complete incident lifecycle (i.e. Preparation, Detection & Analysis, Containment Eradication & Recovery, Post-Incident Activity) for all levels of Company’s clients.
  • Ability to communicate highly technical, actionable information and develop reports to audiences ranging from technically astute peers to non-technical business managers, legal Counsel and leaders (including C-Suite level persons).
  • Maintains social, ethical, professional and organizational standards and values, always honors commitments


  • At least eight (8) years of experience in front line cybersecurity roles.
  • Cantonese business fluency is required; Mandarin equivalency is a strong plus.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, electronic engineering, or equivalent subject areas with formal coursework or training in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and/or data protection.
  • Current holder of CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and/or GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification, such as GCIH or GCFA) – or equivalent. Additional cybersecurity-related certifications are advantageous.
  • Familiarity with legal and/or compliance requirements related to cybersecurity incident response and reporting