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Job Title: Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Company: Global Software Company

Corporate Title: Flexible Salary Range: Generous Package
Location: Singapore Date Open: March 2020

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Terraform cloud infrastructure using Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Helm charts
  • Deploy cluster solutions for pub/sub, Sql and Nosql databases, Continous Monitoring, benchmarking, and optimizing (scale up/down horizontally and vertically) of cloud performance metrics such as QPS and P99 response time.
  • Design and deploy monitoring dashboard and alert mechanisms such as Grafana, Kibana
  • Resolve complex customer problems related to distributed storage as well as general Kubernetes or Linux Server issues

Requirements / Qualifications:

Bachelor’s or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, or similar faculty
Linux user
Strong development level experience with Python, Golang, or Rust
Strong background in backend software engineering  
Experience with networking technology is preferred
experience with AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, RackSpace or other Cloud technologies
Experience with technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Helm Charts, ZooKeeper
Proficient in English