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Job Title: AI Software Development Roles

Company: Major Software Company

Corporate Title: Flexible Salary Range: Competitive Package
Location: Singapore Date Open: April 2019

Responsibilities / Duties:

This is a newly formed organization with a start-up vibe, innovation, and sound growth mindset. We focus on providing AI software as a cloud service to a wide variety of IoT devices. These AI-enabled IoT devices are expected to appear soon in every aspect of our lives, both in consumer sectors and business segments, from smart factory, smart medical diagnosis, to smart retailers. we will collaborate closely with the hardware departments and external vendors to provide the AI services in cloud as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite. 


We are looking for top talents in the following areas: computer vision, speech recognition, natural language understanding, cloud infrastructure and services, data engineers and scientists, and edge computing. In addition, we are also hiring product management, project management, UX/UI designers. We intend to offer the most competitive package in Singapore market.

Our culture advocates grass root innovation and continuous learning. We are extremely open-minded about product direction so welcome to bring your startup ideas to us. Come with your passion, get inspired and grow with us to be the world-class software development center!

Cloud & Service


Good understanding of data structures, algorithms, and operating systems.

Experience programming in Go, Node.js, Java, Python, and/or C/C++

Good interpersonal communications and problem-solving skills.


Experience in peer code review to maintain a styled readability and code quality.

Experience with AWS, Azure, and/or GCP.

Have built scalable distributed systems with a good understanding of microservice


Experience integrating with RDBMS and NoSQL databases such as MySQL,

PostgreSQL, and/or MongoDB.

Experience with monitoring/logging tool, such as Prometheus, Grafana, and/or Fluentd.


Computer Vision


Perform research to make deep learning more applicable to real world problems.

To research and develop cutting-edge deep learning/computer vision technology

for resolving challenging problems.

To design and run prototypes, including designing and evaluating new algorithms

as well as implementing known algorithms.

Research new ideas in computer vision, find insights to support business decision


Solid understanding of CS fundamentals

Programing experience with C++/Java/Python or equivalent

Experience with deep learning and computer vision

Practical experience with deep learning platforms, such as TensorFlow

Ability to work independently and ramp-up to new area quickly

Good skills in paper reading and the ability to implement it


Big Data & Machine Learning

Job Description:

Work with team members to develop and implement AI projects.

Master data analysis and other data science technologies to understand data and design model architecture.

Work closely with data to optimize data systems and pipeline architecture. Design and build the infrastructure for data extraction, preparation, and loading of data from a variety of sources using technology.

Identify and select AI/ML technologies to solve problems.

Deploy and integrate AI models into back-end servers and build up front-end interfaces (website or APP).

Cooperate with other departments to effectively use internal/external big data.

Aggressively attend training courses, learn state of the art technologies and study top papers.

Education and Experience Qualifications:

Master, Department of computer information science or statistics


Can quickly master a new programming language

experience of Python development

experience of AI development or Data engineering


Passionate about researching AI, familiar with AI/ML technologies

Experience in Kaggle competition and fine-tuning Neural Network models

Statistical or Applied mathematical background

Familiar with Data Engineering tools on GCP/AWS/Azure

Familiar with VM/Docker



Job Brief

·         We are looking for a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer to help us improve our NLP tools and create a framework for developing next generation NLP/AI applications.

·         NLP Engineer responsibilities include developing syntactic & semantic grammar, knowledge representations, rule-based or machine-learning-based NLP pipeline tools and inference engines for intelligent dialogue systems and cloud service

·         To succeed in this role, you should possess outstanding skills in problem analysis, coding, statistical analysis, machine learning methods and knowledge representation techniques.

·         Your ultimate goal is to develop efficient NLP tools for near-human-level natural language understanding (NLU) and Explainable AI.

 Your responsibilities may involve one or more of the following tasks:

·         Design Chinese/English Syntactic & Semantic Grammar

·         Design knowledge representations (Lexicon, Ontology, Logical Form, Knowledge Graph, and Common Sense Knowledge Rules)

·         Develop rule-based or machine-learning-based NLP pipeline tools (Segmentation, NER, Syntactic & Semantic Parsers, Co-reference Resolution, Discourse Analysis, and Logical Form to Knowledge-Graph Conversion)

·         Develop Knowledge Graph based Inference Engines for Question Answering, Free Chatting, and Persona Assistant

·         Develop automatic Domain Language Model and Ontology Generation tools

·         Develop automatic Knowledge Acquisition tools including Common Sense Crowd Sourcing tools


·         Proven experience as an NLP pipeline development Engineer or similar role

·         Understanding of NLP techniques for text and knowledge representation, syntactic and semantic parsing techniques, data structures and modeling

·         Ability to effectively design software architecture

·         Deep understanding of text representation techniques (such as n-grams, bag of words, sentiment analysis etc), statistics and classification algorithms

·         Knowledge of Python or Java

·         Ability to write robust and testable code

·         Experience with machine learning frameworks and libraries

·         Strong communication skills

·         An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities

·         Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Computational Linguistics or similar field


System Integration


·         Closely work with key partners to build world AI SaaS clouding SW

·         Integrate all ingredients for SaaS

·         To design and develop edge computing SW and device to elimiate cloud computing loads


·         Proficient in one of programming languages (such as Python, Java, C/C++)

·         Experience in mobile app (android or iOS) and web application

·         Experience with deep learning and platform like tensorflow  

·         Experience with system software and HW/SW integration

·         Ability to undertake tasks quickly and learn fast in new area


 Speech Recognition


 Your responsibilities may involve one or more of the following tasks:

·         Train and test speech recognition models (acoustic and language) using the latest methods.

Requirements / Qualifications: