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Job Title: Manager-Deputy Head Of Bills Operations

Company: Large Investment Bank

Corporate Title: VP Salary Range: Competitive Package
Location: Hong Kong Date Open: April 2019

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • To act as the Head of Dept. when Head of Bills Operations is absent.
  • To check/review all bills transactions presented by clients and
  • correspondent banks.
  • To counter-check the completeness of the screening process
  • executed by preparer as required under the Bank’s Compliance Policy.
  • Refer positive hits to Local Compliance team for approval or rejection.
  • To check all "Client Approval Record" to ensure correctness before
  • passing it to the Front Office and Credit Risk for review and approval.
  • To second check the documents examined by team checkers.
  • To follow up the proper approval of bills transactions from Front Office
  • and Credit Risk.
  • To check/sign all transactions assigned by superiors.
  • To release all the transactions prior to the system cut-off time.
  • To follow up with clients/correspondent banks on all outstanding
  • issues related to bills transactions.
  • To check and approve transactions on systems adhering to the
  • scheduled cut-off time.
  • To follow up payment/acceptances from correspondent banks.
  • To follow up settlement instruction from client on outstanding bills.
  • To review bills outstanding reports and take appropriate actions.
  • To prepare periodic and ad hoc management information reports.
  • To register, distribute and assemble all bills related documents and
  • correspondence.
  • To sort and distribute computer reports and all incoming
  • correspondence/SWIFT to respective staff.
  • To review nostro account statements to identify payments from
  • correspondent banks for settlement of outstanding bills.
  • To liaise with insourcing agent on outsourced transactions and
  • arrange payment of fees.
  • To review and distribute bills monthly statements to clients.
  • To reconcile Bills transition accounts and suspense accounts on a
  • daily basis.
  • To participate in meetings relating to bills system operations.
  • To oversee performance of all bills related systems, investigate and
  • follow up rectification and remedial actions where necessary.
  • To maintain static database of Bills system.
  • To answer inquiries and to co-ordinate with other departments on all
  • Bills department related issues.
  • To calculate and arrange payments of internal guarantee fee to
  • various department in Head Office on a quarterly basis.
  • To prepare various types of reports as required by other departments
  • and Head Office.
  • To provide technical skills/knowledge to Front Offices and other
  • Department on bills related transaction.
  • To coach junior level staff members of the team.
  • To supervise staff, ensuring that daily quotas are maintained and that
  • resultant quality of work remains high.
  • To assist in problem resolution of all kinds, no matter what the cause
  • or origin.
  • To identify and convey potential problems &/or risks to Superiors to
  • protect the interest of the Department and/or the Bank.
  • To implement the designed work steps when launching the new
  • product or when a new customer is on-boarded with the Bank.
  • To review the daily processing steps and make recommendation for
  • streamline of the operating procedures whenever necessary.
  • To maintain and update specimen signatures of bills clients.
  • To complete audit confirmations for bills clients.
  • To arrange off-site storage and maintain records.
  • To handle all other duties as assigned by superiors.
  • To act as an authorizer in BankTrade and GBS system.
  • To act as back-up in alert handling for FMF-Pre-Transaction Screening.
  • To act as System Administrator for various systems when assigned.

Requirements / Qualifications:

Relevant Experience Required