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Job Title: Data Science Researcher

Company: Global Brand Fintech Firm

Corporate Title: Flexible Salary Range: Competitive Package
Location: Singapore Date Open: 13/5/2019

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Adept in the art of cleansing, manipulation, feature extraction and analysis on large data sets
  • Seek out external data sources for relevant context and combine external data with existing data to improve our credit and risk models
  • Stay on top of latest developments in big data, data mining, natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques and technologies, while interpreting their impact and usefulness to the financial industry
  • Design and implement machine learning-based credit and risk models and systems that can scale to serve and benefit tens of millions of customers
  • Design elegant data visualizations to present complex analysis and insights to both internal (management) and external (customers) audiences
  • Develop subsystems that facilitate performance tracking, analysis and ongoing optimization of implemented credit and risk models

Requirements / Qualifications:

  • A proactive and diligent technologist willing to get your hands dirty with the details while possessing an innate sensitivity to data and an appreciation of proper documentation
  • Demonstrate understanding and expertise in commonly used machine learning algorithms, feature selection techniques and data modeling processes
  • Familiar with commonly used data mining algorithms (i.e. classification, clustering, regression, association rules, neural networks, etc.) and its principles, and is able to discuss past project experiences at length
  • Accomplished in R, Python, SQL and other comparable programming languages
  • Adept at choosing between Hadoop, Storm, Spark and other comparable big data technologies depending on the context, and is able to discuss past project experiences in large-scale data and log processing
  • Master’s degree or higher, with at least a bachelor’s in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or other related disciplines
  • Speak, read and written English 
  • Ready, willing and eager for the occasional travel between Singapore, China and Indonesia
  • Ability to communicate in Mandarin or Bahasa Indonesia or other Asian language to communicate with counterparts in China, Indonesia and other APAC offices.
  • Relevant working experience in the financial industry.