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Job Title: Major Shareholding Reporting Analyst

Company: International Asset Manager

Corporate Title: Flexible Salary Range: Generous
Location: Singapore Date Open: Dec 2018

Responsibilities / Duties:

1.    Perform daily, weekly and or monthly tasks in a timely, complete and accurate manner
2.    Perform process controls in a timely, complete and accurate manner
3.    Escalate issues in a timely manner to manager and or third party providers
4.    Propose improvements to current processes / controls
5.    Participate in change initiatives to improve the service
6.    Work collaboratively with global team 

Key Outcomes
1.    Perform tasks as directed by manager
2.    Deliver objectives as agreed with manager within timescales
3.    Perform and run daily tasks and evidenced by completion of checklists which are authorised
4.    Disclosures reported accurately, complete and on time
5.    Active participation in team activities including improvement initiatives, knowledge share, training and other
6.    Pro-actively identifying areas for improvement (process and controls)
7.    Represent the company at technical forums (on request)

Requirements / Qualifications:

  • Educated to degree level or equivalent
  • Good knowledge and experience in Investment Management and or Investment Administration
  • Experience and knowledge of Investment Industry and systems
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written) and ability to speak to people at all levels within the company
  • Ability to generate ideas, innovate and implement change
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Awareness of Shareholder Reporting requirements in APAC
  • Organised, focussed and driven to be successful
  • Analytical mindset / detailed, methodical and accurate
  • Detailed Financial Services Knowledge and in particular of different types of financial instruments
  • Knowledge of Asset Classes
  • Communication skills
  • Clear and effective communication of information, ideas, plans, requests and opinions to internal and external stakeholders through a range of channels,including written and oral. Ensures alignment with communication guidelines and policies.  
  • Analytical skills
  • Use of a variety of diagnostic techniques to understand a situation,  issue or problem by breaking it down and tracing the root cause and underlying implications in a methodical, step by step way.
  • Managing information
  • Effective application of techniques to collect information and process it to facilitate and support key business processes and decisions.
  • Teamwork
  • Encourages team work, collaboration and breaking down boundaries. Shares knowledge and information appropriately and participates in activities to facilitate sharing. Recognises the complex interrelationships among business activities and understands the wider implications of decisions.