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Job Title: Data Science and Machine Learning

Company: Government Agency

Corporate Title: Flexible Salary Range: Generous Package
Location: Singapore Date Open: Oct 2018

Responsibilities / Duties:

The Government Agency is Singapore's lead public sector agency that fosters world-class scientific research and talent to drive economic growth and transform Singapore into a vibrant knowledge-based and innovation driven economy.
In line with its mission-oriented mandate, it spearheads research and development in fields that are essential to growing Singapore’s manufacturing sector and catalysing new growth industries. 
It supports these economic clusters by providing intellectual, human and industrial capital to its partners in industry.

About the Bioinformatics Institute (BII)

The Bioinformatics Institute (BII) is an institute of the Government Agency. BII was set up in 2001 as part of the national initiative to foster and advance biomedical research and human capital for a vibrant knowledge-based Singapore. With a multi-disciplinary focus and collaborative outlook, BII recognises the need for depth and breadth in all its activities for building a thriving world-class biomedical research, graduate training and development hub in Singapore. In addition, BII is proactively involved in building a national resource centre in bioinformatics to meet the evolving needs of the scientific community in Singapore.

About the Computer Vision and Patterns Discovery Group 

The Computer Vision and Pattern Discovery for BioImages group uses advanced computer vision, machine learning and mathematical models to build better machines; for the improvement of health care and discovery of biological knowledge. The group analyses images of tissue, histological slides and 2D/ 3D live cells assays. These images were acquired using wide-field, confocal and light-sheet microscopes as well as infra-red camera and other kinds of clinical image devices.

In a clinical setting, imaging techniques are becoming important as they are usually non-invasive and advancement of clinical devices has made quantitative analysis of these images an important component for improving health care.

Motivated by the desire to device better cures for diseases and driven by enabling technologies, biological experiments are becoming more quantitative and generating large amounts of data. These images are then analyzed and used to create new biological hypotheses that are further validated using other experimental means. The group is also working towards the development of better image acquisition protocols to acquire high quality microscopy images. 

Why work with them

Several reasons on how working with them will benefit you:

1. Because we are a publicly funded institution, we are focused on training our employees and build better career prospect for them. We provide a conducive learning environment in a research laboratory populated by talents.
2. We work on cutting edge artificial intelligence research for the past 12 years. We are technically much stronger than most companies in many aspects of computing such as AI and algorithm development.
3. The research laboratory house many talented AI scientists which are happy to share their knowledge. You will work closely with 6 PhD holders, 4 PhD students and 3 research assistants and many interns.
4. You will work closely with our collaborators, very senior doctors, biologist, engineers from companies and entrepreneurs
5. Our laboratory works on AI projects with many companies. You will be able to find a good permanent career with our partner companies.

Positions available:

Position #1 : Research position for Machine Learning in Healthcare and Microscopy images

(1) Develop AI methodologies to perform computer assisted diagnostics for healthcare.
(2) Work closely with clinicians and/or biologist to contribute to better assessment of medical risks.

Skill set
1. Strong in python programming
2. Knowledge in deep learning and machine learning
3. PhD or basic degree

Position #2 : Research position for Machine Learning in Semiconductor placement

(1) Develop AI methodologies to perform computer assisted design for FPGA semiconductor chip
(2) Work closely with our industry partners to contribute to faster, cheaper product development cycle.

Skill set
1. Strong in python programming
2. Knowledge in deep learning and machine learning
3. PhD or basic degree

Position #3 : Web and app developer

(1) Build front end for AI engines on the web and app platform

Skill set
1. Strong in web / java programming
2. Basic degree or diploma

Position #4 : Software engineering to translate AI algorithms

(1) Take developed and tested AI algorithms and translate them into production grade software

Skill set
1. Strong in python programming
2. Basic knowledge in deep learning and machine learning
3. Basic degree or diploma

Requirements / Qualifications:

  • Strong in python programming
  • Knowledge in deep learning and machine learning
  • PhD or basic degree
  • Strong in web / java programming